About Kids College

Kids College is an independent, family run centre whose aim is to develop children’s confidence and capabilities through building relationships and promoting learning through our indoor and outdoor play-based programs. We strive to provide a high level of care and education in an environment designed to stimulate and inspire each child and promote their development in these crucial early years.

Kids College has served the St Andrews community for many years. Our family owned and operated centre has an outstanding reputation and is staffed with experienced and qualified team who are very passionate about early childhood care and education.

We enjoy building relationships with you and your children and encouraging children to explore and participate in fun and engaging experiences. Each day is planned with a strong focus on allowing children to explore and discover new experiences and expand on their interests. Our staff are attentive to the interests of each child and we tailor our approach to meet their unique interests.

Learning OutcomesKids College Philosophy

Our approach is modelled on the latest understanding of child learning and development, the importance of relationships and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). The key features of our approach are…

Play based learning programs

Children learn best when they engage in play in a range of environments. Play helps children feel good about themselves. We encourage children to explore across a range of settings, themes and contexts.

By laying a foundation on developing social, emotional and physical skills we are providing the context for future learning and knowledge.

Language, literacy and numeracy and cognitive development begins at the very early stages. 

Community & Environment

We encourage children to develop a strong sense of self and place through our programs and incursions. We develop learning opportunities around key events taking place in the broader community and have extensive calendar of events.

Transition to School

We make the transition to school as smooth as we can for you and your child. Our program includes a focus on numeracy and literacy, independence and social and emotional skills.