Our Team

Kids College is staffed with experienced and qualified team who are very passionate about early childhood care and education. All our staff are attentive to the interests of each child and tailor their approach to meet their unique interests.

Stephanie Kougious

Stephanie is our Centre Director. She has held this role across other centres for nearly a decade. She has worked as a teacher focused on learning and creative arts, among a range of students including migrants and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

She is passionate about education and strives to impart her love for education on to her staff and all the children at Kids College.

Navya Ramamurthy

Navya believes children's learning happens all the time and is interwoven through physical, social/emotional, cognitive and communication activities. Her goal is mentoring the team to make this ongoing learning experience safe, positive, and fun, nurturing children through stages of development with confidence in themselves and an excitement for continued learning. Navya encourages a child-centred atmosphere where children have the opportunity to master new challenges through activities and topics that are meaningful to them, thus building their self-esteem as they develop and learn.

Kira Holt

Kira is our Educational and Outdoor Leader who provides a stimulating, individualised and play based learning environment for our children. Kira believes that the relationships between children, educators and peers are vital to ensuring children are provided with the highest quality care that is catered to each individual need of the child. Kira will also work closely with the local community to develop enriching learning environment both indoors and outdoors for children.